Carolyn Kao
designer + illustrator

Landing page design

Translation App that helps travelers communicate with ease

Open Resource 

Supporting community organizers with crowdsourced resources


Creating a community resource for local organizers

Sponsorlane, an early-stage Bay Area startup needed a landing page for their new campaign, Open Resource. The Open Resource project allows businesses, organizations and individuals to contribute space, food and equipment to support community organizers. The Sponsorlane team didn't want to use protest photography that they used for the first iteration of the landing page. They wanted to steer clear from using political colors and make the landing page feel positive and motivating through simple illustrations. I started the ideation process by sketching things that came to mind from the phrase "fueling the good fight." 

sponsorlane_process 3

A vibrant page to help local businesses get involved

The image that came to my mind was a Super Mario-esque world where community organizers are fueled to champion their causes by collecting items donated by local businesses. I used a little red truck with a loudspeaker as a metaphor for local community organizers. The little red truck is powered by food, equipment and space provided by businesses in the neighborhood. I chose to use a vibrant color palette that creates an energetic, game-like vibe. I hope that this vibrant and playful design can help Sponsorlane motivate more local businesses to donate what they can to support organizers!