Carolyn Kao
designer + illustrator

App design

Translation App that helps travelers communicate with ease


A translation app that is the world traveler's best friend


Empathizing with the world traveler

How does it feel to travel somewhere where you don't speak the language? Anxious and insecure. To remedy these uncomfortable feelings, I named this translation app concept, 'Mello.' The brand idea is to help amateur travelers feel comfortable communicating with locals. Based on this idea, I crafted a simple and intuitive user experience where a translation is literally one or two finger taps away.


Friendly and minimal user interface

When designing the user interface, I went back to Mello's brand mission of helping travelers stay cool and collected when communicating on their travels. To convey the feeling of calmness, I chose to use a blue and green color palette with minimal icons and illustrations. The home screen is the one stop shop for all translation needs, from voice, text and camera inputs to a library of common phrases that travelers can easily access. Every translation bubble can be expanded full-screen, saved for later use or played aloud.