Carolyn Kao
designer + illustrator

Event branding

Event branding for a film festival celebrating diversity

Identity Film Festival

Branding for a celebration of diversity in film


Developing a concept around empowerment, diversity and visibility

The concept for the Identity Film Festival is to celebrate films featuring lead actors historically underrepresented in Hollywood. When crafting the branding for this event, I wanted to communicate three main themes: empowerment, diversity and visibility. After coming up with a few event names including "Lead", "Take the Lead", and "Recast", I decided on the name, "Identity." While the previous names were powerful, they conveyed competition instead of collaboration. On the other hand, "Identity" is a powerful name that communicates empowerment, diversity and visibility.


A visual patchwork repeated throughout the event

I decided to use square patchwork, patterns and bold complementary colors in the brand roll-out for the festival. The visual language is repeated throughout the roll-out, but also uniquely customized for each individual film featured in the festival. 

Crossword puzzle: Can you find the letters that spell "IDENTITY" ? 

Crossword puzzle: Can you find the letters that spell "IDENTITY" ?